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Launch of Power of 10 – Another Way’s app for secondary school children

December 13th, 2023

It’s finally here! We launched a test version of the Power of 10 app at the beginning of December.

I am so excited that we have realised our first ambitious major project – it will supercharge our impact amongst young people.

So, why an app?

From a young age, I have been passionate about making a positive difference. I made changes in my own life and encouraged my family and neighbours to do the same. But at school I was on my own – neither my fellow pupils nor teachers supported me. I felt isolated and disheartened. I knew there were others my age thinking the same way, but how could I contact them and interact with them?

In the last 5 years since setting up Another Way, I have spoken to hundreds of committed young people and discovered that many of them are facing the same challenge. Together with them I looked for solutions.


We looked for solutions online, but could not find what we were looking for. So I decided to take the huge, ambitious step of creating Another Way’s bespoke online platform – our Power of 10 app – which exactly fulfils our needs.

What’s on the app?

Firstly we want to be able to communicate with others who have the same goals as we do – so the app includes a community forum. Here we can exchange ideas, support each other and speak openly about what we believe in.

Most importantly we share positive news and impactful solutions. Faced with the climate crisis, when you are alone it is easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Together we can overcome that and have positive collective impact.

Secondly when it comes to action, I had nowhere to turn for advice or support. I learned quickly and tested my ideas. Now I have written these down in a suite of “resources” which I share on the app.

They include slide decks on important topics such as global warming, based on trusted scientific facts. Anyone in the community can download these slide decks for their school assembly, for example.

I have also prepared “how-to” guides, explaining step-by-step how to make a difference through, for example, arranging a clothes swap or litter pick. I explain how to write to an MP and what an impact this can have. And loads more.

To demonstrate small steps to making a big change, I have produced home challenges. With these, either with or without your family, you see how to make a difference in your everyday life, cutting down on meat consumption or plastic use, for example.

The Another Way team is extending the resources through their inspirational ideas and practical solutions. We hope that the community members will also contribute with new solutions and also road-testing and improving our resources.

How do we create a safe space?

Safeguarding was one of my main concerns when developing the app – it can only be effective if it is a safe space.

At every stage – registration, accessing information, interacting with others – we have incorporated safety features. These are automated (auto-modding – I have learned a new word!) and human, provided by our great team of moderators.

Who was involved?

Our development partners are Etch UK. They are extremely professional with a great pedigree, and are also passionate about our mission and supporting young people. We really enjoy working with this great team and have huge plans with them for the future growth of the app.

We continue to work closely with young people to ensure that the app is delivering what they need and want in an attractive, compelling way. We have a small group of committed ambassadors, who engage proactively with us and the app, and a larger group of testers and focus groups.

The app development was enabled by our hugely supportive funders – foundations with the same goals as Another Way, who believe in the power of what we are doing. Also the income from the sale of the Ten Thousand Daffodils has made an enormous difference to the scale of what we have achieved. So all the >600 volunteers who were part of this project have contributed to this amazing app.

And of course our fantastic Another Way team of staff and volunteers have all worked hard and with passion on this great vehicle for our impact. We will be extending the team to manage the growth of the app and the Power of 10 community.

What next?

In spring we will launch the final version for all of secondary school age. We have loads of ideas for the extension of the functionality and scope of the app for 11 – 18 year-olds. We will continue to build this (funding permitting) over the next 18 months.

Having recently graduated and through my wide contact with university students and other young adults, I recognise a similar need for community and practical ideas in the 18 – 25 year-olds. I am keen to make the app available to them too.

The resources, although not the community platform, will be really valuable for junior school children. As a third stage, I hope to enable their access to this information in an appealing, safe way.

How you can get involved

I will be sharing a video introducing the app. Please watch, share and contact me on if you would like to get involved.

Your financial support as members and supporters of Another Way is invaluable to enable us to build and extend the impact of the app.

I am thrilled that we have finally launched our app, can’t wait to interact with the community online as it grows and am really excited for the next steps. Thank you for your continued support!

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