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30 steps to Another Way for businesses

30 Steps to an Another Way Business’ is a free certification and a set of structured guidelines to help businesses become more environmentally sustainable.

From getting staff on board to changing supply chains and greening offices, we have compiled resources and advice to help any business function in a way that is kinder to our planet and each other.

If you are a business who wants to start the steps, simply watch the introduction video and then follow each category and you can download our checklist to help you along the way.

Start your 30 steps to an Another Way business today!

Staff on board

Coming together and working as a team is what every business needs to make positive change in being more sustainable. Together your business can make a real difference to the climate crisis.


From employees travelling to work every day to long haul business trips this category takes you through essential steps that will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your business.


Energy and water use, waste, staff kitchens and going paperless will all be covered in this important category.


Customers are a great way to spread the word of sustainability, this category details some of the things your business can do that will positively influence your customers to think more sustainably.

Products & services

This category will provide you with what you need to know about making your business intrinsically sustainable, from the materials used to the products and services you provide


Businesses often have little say in what the ethics of their suppliers are, this category will walk your business through how to ensure your suppliers are operating in a sustainable way.

Finance & admin

Technology your business use, banking and investments and pricing strategies will all be covered in this essential category.


This final category is all about making a difference in the local community and sharing the knowledge you have gained from the previous categories with the wider community.


Download and print our checklist and start to tick off the 30 Steps to an Another Way Business

How it went

We hope that you have enjoyed completing the 30 Steps to an Another Way Business. Hopefully, you have made some real change within your business and have seen the impact that it has made.

Please download and fill in your certificate and also the feedback form to let us know how it went, what these changes are and what we could do better, plus any more thoughts you would like to share. If you would like to be a case study for our website, please get in touch!

Thank you so much for taking part and for helping our environment.

Congratulations! Contact us and we will email you a certificate!

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