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Another Way in Sculpture

May 8th, 2019

Another Way History

Cumbrian sculptor Michelle Castles is producing an exciting sculpture to act as a symbol for our campaign.

Michelle is inspired by the dynamic human form and her work has a ‘living’ quality that embodies a moment in time. Delicate, beautiful and accessible, her sculptures delight, uplift and engage all who see them.

Amy has spent time with Michelle exploring the issues which plastic pollution poses to the natural environment and to humans and how this might be represented visually. Michelle is now working on the final sculpture which will be light enough to be carried to the top of a fell on our Another Waynwright Day.

Speaking about her involvement in the campaign Michelle said,
“Visual images are a powerful means of communication and give a very immediate message to a great number of people. Having the skills to create a strong visual image places me in a position of social responsibility of which I am proud. During the making process I was made very aware of our over use of plastic and the inevitable wastage visible everywhere.”

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