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Our History

Another Way was founded by 16 year old Amy Bray in January, 2019, stemming from her passion for our beautiful planet and especially the oceans she loves so devotedly.

Since I was very young, I have been fascinated by the natural environment and adored all living things. I have set my path towards becoming a marine conservationist and recently completed my degree in Marine Biology at the University of Exeter.

After influencing my family to go plastic-free and to live more sustainably, I want to share our discoveries and the motivation to do this with the wider public. We have to act now!

Early in 2018, an accumulation of ideas led me to start a marine conservation campaign, Devotion to Ocean. My aim: to give people the motivation to change their lives to make a difference. I want to unite people in contributing to the solution, not the destruction of our earth. It started with a conversation on a sofa and has now directly educated over 7,000 people about marine pollution and sustainability.

I believe that education is a force to be reckoned with. I believe the power of people can change the world, especially if we listen to the youth. Teaching people that being environmentally friendly can be fun, adventurous, healthy and achievable is key to seeing change. Everyone in our fast-moving society seems to think that the problem should be solved by other people. It doesn’t matter who, as long as it’s not them. Countless times I have heard; “but the government needs to change first” or something similar. The world’s alarm bell is ringing. We have no time to wait for anyone else to change. The time is now, and it starts with every single one of us. People need, first to care and then to know how to act on that. I want to empower everyone to make a difference. Each one of us has the power within us to speak out.

My aim is to give people the reason. To give people the faith that voicing their opinions will make a difference. It is the public who drive the consumerism of the world, and so it is us who make the decisions of which products are successful. It is us who hold the power to phase out harmful items- those containing palm oil or covered in plastic packaging.

From humble origins in my secondary school, giving talks about plastic pollution and running an eco-shop, Devotion to Ocean became massively popular across Cumbria and I was giving three talks a week throughout my A levels. In January 2019, I registered Another Way with the charity commission. From tree planting events, to our famous Another Waynwright Day which brought together 600 people and 50 organisations in a celebratory day for conservation, Another Way has inspired thousands to take our future into our own hands. Now, our team continues to grow and we are delighted to have appeared on CountryFile, BBC radio 4, 5 Live and Good Morning Britain, given international talks and are developing exciting new projects to help people overcome barriers to climate solutions.

We can’t wait to see where the journey takes us next!

In addition to my involvement in these projects I have also:

  • March 2023 – Speaker at the SGIS annual conference in Geneva
  • March 2023 – 3,900 hedgerow whips and 100 oak standards as part of another 500m of hedgerow in Matterdale
  • December 2022 – appointed trustee of Cumbria Wildlife Trust
  • August 2022 – Employed Holly our first paid employee working as a Community Campaign Manager to bring Power of Ten to schools
  • March 2022 – 15,000 trees and hedgerows planted bringing total to 27,100
  • January 2022 – Appointed to UK National Committee for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development
  • January 2022 – Nominated Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s first Nature Hero
  • October 2021 – Received Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award
  • April 2021 – 4000 more trees planted bringing total to 12,000
  • December 2020 – 6000 trees planted
  • June/August 2020- Zoom talks on ocean health and plastics
  • March 2020 – Appointed Ambassador for DEFRA International Year of Plant Health
  • December 2019 – Cumbria Woman of the Year Award
  • November 2019 – led the planting of 1700 trees in Matterdale valley as part of a wider Ullswater Cachement CIC project in conjunction with The Tree Council’s National Tree Week – regeneration of habitat, ecology and biodiversity – no plastic guards, no straight lines, various heights and types of trees appropriate to the valley.
  • October 2019 – been appointed patron of Friends of the Lake District
  • September 2019 – welcomed world-renowned Dr Alan Jamieson as a new patron of Another Way
  • September 2019 – been filmed as part of Terry Abraham’s final in the BBC trilogy of Life of a Mountain – Helvellyn
  • September 2019 – spoken at Carlisle International School Strike
  • August 2019 – launched environment charity Another Way with Another Waynwright Day on August 31st2019 – over 600 people braved the weather on the Lakeland Fells
  • August 2019 – been recognised by UN Youth Envoy in its #31DaysofYOUth campaign
  • July 2019 – given an opening address to the Tree Council Tree Forum for Trees in London
  • July 2019 – secured a Tree Council grant
  • July 2019 – challenged local politicians on a panel at Youth Climate Question Time, Penrith
  • January 2019 – established Another Way, an environmental conservation educational charity
  • January 2019 – enabled the establishment of Another Weigh, a zero-waste shop in Penrith, Cumbria, UK
  • November 2018 – Given talks to the Young Marine Biologists Summit and local community groups
  • August 2018 – Organised a Zero Hour march in London

And more generally:

  • Directly educated over 5000 people through awareness courses, talks and education events for scouts, community groups and schools
  • Attended Plymouth and Newcastle University marine biology work experience courses to gain greater knowledge and academic links
  • Entered my school in the Back to School Plastic Challenge run by the UN environment
  • Become a founding member of the Lake District Foundation youth panel
  • Been invited to and attended local council conferences on circular economies and reducing waste
  • Advised local businesses about reducing their waste and environmental footprint
  • Made connections to and received support from important conservationists and existing charities, such as Prof. Richard Thompson, Prof, Dan Laffoley, the MCS, MBA and Kids Against Plastic
  • Influenced her friends, family and community to become totally plastic- free, as well as more sustainable in many other aspects of living and lives up to her values herself!
  • Featured on BBC radio, in most Cumbria media including Carlisle Living, Cumbria Life, Cumberland News, Taste Cumbria, The Cumberland & Westmorland Herald amongst many others
Another Way History

Through Another Weigh, zero waste shops in Cumbria, I have established a physical base for my conservation charity, Another Way. This is an education centre, giving local people the opportunity to learn, to engage and to act on their desire to help the environment. Through this and active educational talks and courses we hope to unite people and organisations in striving to change the wasteful and harmful way in which society functions. To do this, we are creating a network of volunteers to run my education programmes and to inspire people to behavioural change.

I recall that at the end of one of my awareness sessions, I asked a group of explorer scouts who would be prepared to make changes in their everyday lives to help our wonderful environment. Every single person raised their hand. I was genuinely stunned. Personal engagement and education is truly the key to behavioural change.

Amy Bray

Founder, Another Way