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4000 trees in 4 days – Tree Planting Project Three Complete

April 2nd, 2021



Planting sees total of 11,700 trees and hedgerows planted by environment charity Another Way in last 18 months; trees help to slow climate change 


This week saw the final Another Way 2020/21 season tree planting project. With funding from The Tree Council via a £1m fund from Network Rail and support from Ullswater Catchment Management CIC, the Another Way team and 80 volunteers worked swiftly to plant a wide variety of species of trees and hedgerows including oak, rowan, blackthorn, hawthorn, hazel, dog rose, bird cherry, crab apple and holly. The saplings are being protected by biodegradable and repurposed tree guards. 

Across three sites in Matterdale and Watermillock, within Covid-19 volunteer regulations and on-site health and safety guidelines, volunteers from across the local area joined forces to contribute to an on-going programme by charity Another Way to restore environmental diversity, water storage, drainage and natural watercourses 

Trees can make a significant contribution to slowing climate change. Trees capture carbon dioxide (CO2), the harmful carbon emissions that are damaging the environment. As trees grow they use CO2 to produce carbohydrates which help them grow. This CO2 stays inside the trees for as long as they are alive.  

18 year-old Amy Bray, founder of Another Way commented: ‘This project is especially important as it is interconnecting existing woodlands with hedgerows. While climate change is an extremely threatening issue, it is only the third worst threat to our planet, the first being biodiversity and habitat loss. Increasing wood cover and linking up existing woods will create a much-needed habitat for many UK species which are being squeezed into an ever-smaller area of wilderness. Isolated copses and trees, or monocultures and plantations simply do not have the same ecological benefit as a natural forest; while they suck up carbon, they do not provide all the other ecosystems services that our planet’s, and indeed our own, health relies upon. 

“Tree planting is an absolutely necessary solution to decreasing biodiversity and to climate change, however we must continue to decrease the carbon footprints of our everyday lifestyles in addition and not use it as an excuse to mop up the floor without turning off the tap,” Amy continued. 

“A huge thank you goes out to all the partners and volunteers involved in our projects. The numbers of volunteers donning their wellies and bringing their spades continues to increase with each project we do. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you!” Amy concluded. 

Other partners included in the project are The Tree Council, one of the UK’s leading charities for trees, and Ullswater Catchment Management CIC, a non-profit organisation focused on sustainable farming, conservation and natural flood management. 

Sara Lom, chief executive of The Tree Council commented: “We’re inspired to see so many hard-working volunteers planting wildlife-sheltering, carbon-guzzling hedgerows. The Tree Council has been honoured to support Another Way over the past years, as Cumbria has taken a lead in creating local solutions to improve the environment and tackle climate change. We’re grateful to Network Rail’s community planting fund, which has made this fantastic project possible.” 

Danny Teasdale, project manager, Ullswater Catchment Management CIC said: “There is now real momentum building within our community to make a difference to this amazing place we call home. By working with our farmers and landowners we are showing how to restore nature and plant trees in a way which compliments a sustainable farm model. We are very pleased to have Another Way working alongside us on some of our hedgerow planting projects and proves how much more can be achieved through partnership working.  To date with help from partners such as The Woodland trust and Another Way we have helped to plant over 50 000 trees and hedge plants in our area.” 

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