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30 Steps to Another Way Business: Workplace

Step 15: Green Spaces

The value of green spaces to people and the environment is undeniable. Even if an outdoor green space is not possible, having living plants within an office environment can provide ‘natural screens’ between desks whilst improving air quality and reducing stress levels. As a result, those working in these attractive green environments experience improved concentration and boosted moods. (See more benefits here).

  • Most companies have some outdoor space, so why not utilise this rather than leaving it as scrubland? Get staff involved; neuroscientists have concluded the bacterium found in soil stimulates serotonin production making you feel more relaxed and happier.
  • The green space can be used to grow food. Transforming a space into a working herb or vegetable garden is easy, edible and therefore money saving! Setting up a shared garden can help employees feel more involved in the company and can improve health.
  • Even if the area is being actively used, just having a green space to look at or sit in can improve mental health and relieve stress.
  • Having a space for composting will reduce waste going into landfills; a large volume of organic waste is quickly generated in offices. Setting up a composting system can not only improve the green space, but also easily boost employees’ morale as there is a system in place to help the environment. If composting is used, don’t forget to stir it regularly to prevent methane build-up.
  • Going green will help you steer ahead into the community, earn the name as an honourable business and improve your company name.