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30 Steps to Another Way Business: Workplace

Step 11: Energy Use

Use a sustainable energy provider – the top 5 Renewable Energy Companies as of January 2019 according to ‘Conscious Creatives’ are: Ecotricity (100% renewable energy & frack-free gas), Octopus (100% renewable energy company that invests back into sustainable technology), Tonik Energy (100% renewable energy and 10% green gas — produced by animal and vegetation waste), Good Energy (100% renewable energy and carbon neutral gas) and Bulb (100% renewable energy & carbon neutral natural gas)

  • Install solar panels if this is affordable for the company – this is a long-term investment, but will reap benefits & save money over time. You will first need to get an evaluation to check that your building receives a decent amount of sunlight.
  • Save energy by reducing the need for heating by insulating the building or checking any insulation that is already installed is up to standard; this will also save money if you can cut down on heating costs
  • Efficient air heating systems- heat recovery (‘recycling heat’) systems- help your heating systems to work more efficiently. See here.
  • If the building/ space is rented, switching energy suppliers or installing renewable energy technologies might be out of your control, so get in touch with your landlord and start a discussion, first finding out which energy supplier they use (if you don’t already know).