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30 Steps to Another Way Business: Workplace

Step 14: Water

  • Install automatic sensors on taps in the toilets to ensure that water only flows when needed and taps cannot be accidentally left on
  • Install efficient toilet flushes which use less water such as a 2-button flush system (it has a smaller button to use less water if you haven’t used much loo roll, and a larger button for a larger flush only when it’s required)
  • Allocate a dishwasher (different employee each day) so that all dirty kitchenware can be washed at the same time instead of every employee filling the sink up at different times to wash only their few things. This will minimise your water use, and washing the dishes can contribute to green employer of the month
  • Put up a sign over any taps that don’t have sensors e.g., in the kitchen, to remind employees not to leave the taps running after use
  • Invest in a detachable water filter for over the kitchen sink; this ensures the water is safe and drinkable, so encourages staff to bring in their own refillable bottles if they know they can safely refill