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Zoom Talk: How Far Does Your Plastic Go? Friday 12th June 2020 7pm

June 4th, 2020

Deep sea scientist Dr Alan Jamieson and teenage environmentalist Amy Bray talk plastic in our oceans

Chief Scientist on the 5-Deeps Expedition, Dr Alan Jamieson has seen things he shouldn’t have seen at the deepest points of each of the world’s five oceans: our plastic waste. During this online Q&A event on Friday June 12th at 7pm, hosted by teenage environmentalist Amy Bray, Dr Jamieson will share his experiences of visiting the hadal zone – depths exceeding 6000 metres – and you will have the opportunity to submit questions about his work.

Reviewing the current understanding of human impacts at some of the most extreme frontiers Dr Jamieson will show that contrary to public perception they are now anything but pristine. He has participated in, and often led, over 60 deep-sea expeditions and his discoveries have received international recognition in particular his work on the discovery of anthropogenic contaminants and microplastic particles and fibres residing within organisms from the deepest places on Earth.

Dr Jamieson’s work has featured in the BBC’s Blue Planet II, NHK’s Deep Ocean, Descent into the Mariana Trench documentaries and Discovery Channel’s Deep Planet series.

To join this Zoom based event please register here and a day or so before the event you will be sent an email with the joining information.

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