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Team Interview: Poppy Livey

February 25th, 2024

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a recent graduate working in the creative media industry as a videographer and social media manager. After completing my degree, I went travelling, which really opened my eyes to the climate crisis. When there are so many negative headlines, I found myself shutting them out rather than taking action, feeling like nothing I could do would change this. When a friend introduced me to Another Way (a charity who have proved this is definitely not the case) I immediately applied for their social media manager role! It has provided me with the perfect platform to contribute to the journey to a greener future.

What do you do with Another Way?
My role involves managing our social media accounts, collaborating closely with Leela, our communications manager. We ensure consistent and engaging content, including environmental news, uplifting climate stories, scientific insights, and updates about Another Way’s work. If you don’t already, follow us on Instagram @another.way.ig to keep updated with all the latest!

What do you most enjoy about working with Another Way?
I really enjoy being part of a team dedicated to making positive change. Working together with like-minded people towards environmental conservation is so inspiring.

Which environmental topics are you most excited about?
This is not so much an environmental topic, but a recent achievement I am very excited about. I live on a very busy road, and my family and I have long advocated for planting trees along the pavement to improve air quality and utilise the available space constructively. Despite little response over the years, last month the council planted trees along the whole of the area we suggested, complete with QR codes indicating the amount of CO2 each tree has absorbed since planting—a small yet significant victory for my community!

What are some small steps you take to create a more sustainable lifestyle for yourself?
Last year I decided to give up driving a car. After not having access to one for a while, I realised how easy it is to get around via public transport and by foot. So many of us depend on a car and can’t imagine life without one, but I’ve found satisfaction in knowing I’m significantly reducing my environmental footprint and saving on expenses.

Leave us with a piece of positive news you’ve heard about this week!
Having spent all my school holidays with my grandparents in South Devon and studying in Exeter, I was very happy to hear that the National Trust is planting over 100,000 trees in Devon to help recreate the lost forests.

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