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30 Steps: Day to Day

Step 25 : Work and School

The Problem: waste
The Solution: homemade lunch, recycling, schemes
  • When it comes to quick lunches, excessive packaging is a real issue. Being prepared can avoid that. Investing in a food flask is really useful for leftovers or dishes such as soup and pasta to take to work or school. You could make some snacks at the weekend to see you through the week. If you prefer to buy lunch out, make sure you always have your reusables and containers.
  • Stationery can often be wasteful. Refillable pens are a good option, whether fountain pens, marker pens or ballpoints. Try and find some recycled printer or lined paper instead of virgin paper and you could even encourage your workplace to switch too. Glue can easily be made out of just flour and water-juts mix to the desired consistency- it sounds crazy but it works (if a little messy!). Paper tape can replace Sellotape. You could look into registering your school or workplace for the Terracycle stationery recycling scheme which is a good way of giving used pens at least another life.

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