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30 Steps: Day to Day

Step 26 : Technology

The Problem: high carbon footprint, lots of data
The Solution: reducing appliance use, reducing data use
  • Although technology has helped massively over the last few years in reducing the carbon footprint of travel to meetings and reducing the demand for paper, using technology and storing data still requires huge amounts of energy, which often comes from fossil fuels
  • We can minimise our usage of data by using phone calls instead of video calls
  • Avoiding HD also has huge environmental benefit
  • You could buy second-hand DVDs instead of streaming films online. reducing the number of videos you stream will also lessen your digital carbon footprint.
  • Turn your devices off when  you are not using them
  • keep your devices as long as possible and where you can, repair or recycle them after their lifespan
  • Unsubscribe from spam emails- the collective carbon footprint of these emails and databases is much bigger than one would think! 
  • see here for 5 tips on reducing your digital carbon footprint 

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