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30 Steps to Another Way Business: Business suppliers

Step 24: Local

Companies who once preferred to source internationally to save on costs are beginning to seek other cost-effective solutions. Localising comes with many benefits:

  • It helps the environment (reduces shipping, storage, emissions and energy usage).
  • A business has greater control (the further you are from elements of your supply chain, the less control you have over them. Face to face visits will allow any concerns to be addressed and ensure all products meet your standard).
  • Businesses may experience reduced supply chain costs (with research many costs can actually be reduced by localising a supply chain).
  • Localising can result in more revenue (by going local companies will be encouraged by your efforts and you will be more likely to attract new customers. You are creating a unique selling proposition).
  • It is good for the community (boom for the local economy and the locals who live there. Respected businesses then have the chance to contribute to the community through fundraising, volunteering, and sponsored activities).