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30 Steps to Another Way Business: Finance & Admin

Step 25: Technology

We are living in a world surrounded by advancing technology, and while this has massively helped reduce our carbon footprint by making it possible to reduce our paper usage, technology and storing data require huge amounts of energy, often sourced from fossil fuels. To reduce data usage and energy, here are some steps that can be taken:

  • Turn off devices when they are not in use and at the end of the working day
  • Unsubscribe from spam emails
  • Switch your search engine to Ecosia – the money from advertising revenue is used to plant trees for every search you make
  • Avoid HD
  • Keep devices for as long as possible and where you can, repair or recycle at the end of their lifespan
  • Make the most of phone calls instead of video calls; it is surprising how much data video calls require
  • See here for 5 tips on reducing your digital carbon footprint