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30 Steps to Another Way Business: Business suppliers

Step 23: Ethical suppliers

Wherever possible, use ethical suppliers – look for: sustainability and environmental awareness, fair pay, appropriate working hours, safe and hygienic conditions for workers and non-discriminatory treatment

  • If you don’t know whether your supplier can be considered as being ethical, why not? Do you not think that it’s important to fully understand what you are paying for? If your supplier is not outwardly transparent about these aspects of their business, why might this be?
  • If current suppliers are not transparent, ask questions about the ethics of their business and the supply chain that you’re investing in; if they are not ethical, provide them with information and pressure them into changing- you may need to take your business elsewhere and spread the word about how they need to improve

Idea: look at applying for a Green Accord accreditation. If sourcing your materials from elsewhere, Green Accord can be used to ensure the supply chain meets expected environmental standards.