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30 Steps to Another Way Business: Staff

Step 5: Monthly meetings

  • Allocate a specific day once a month to discuss how the business has implemented different aspects of the 30 Steps to an Another Way Business – preliminary meeting should discuss the audit & goals (both mentioned above) of the business and outline an action plan/ timeline. It can be difficult and overwhelming to attempt to change everything in one week so don’t stress yourself out. In each monthly meeting, discuss what you’ve accomplished so far – what worked well and was easier than you thought? Is there a step you’re still struggling with? Brainstorm ideas of how to overcome this hurdle, and always remember that every change you make has a positive impact even if you can’t quite manage them all. Also discuss which steps you’ll be working on in the upcoming month and allocate different roles to different employees. A nice idea might be to aim to conquer 2 to 3 steps every month – in a year you’ll be the picture of sustainability!
  • Monitor progress and the areas/steps that still need to be worked on – make a virtual chart/ mind map/ checklist that can be emailed to employees or projected onto a screen and edited during each meeting with any new developments.
  • Post box or pinboard for employees’ ideas to be reviewed – create a OneDrive document that every employee has access to that they can put forward any ideas or suggestions into that can be discussed at the monthly meeting.
  • These meetings are a great opportunity to discuss if employees have made any changes in their personal life, such as completing any of the steps in the 30 Steps to an Another Way Home and commending those who have. This will be a great chance to see who is making the greatest effort and to decide who will be awarded Green Employee of the Month.