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30 Steps to Another Way Business: Transport

Step 6: Employee Transport

Even though alternatives like telecommunicating and working from home continue to gather momentum, a large majority of the world’s workforce still travel to and from the workplace every day. Every commute made in a single occupancy vehicle puts increasing pressure on the environment, but even so, commuting by car remains the preferred mode of travel in most cities around the UK.

Individuals may think they cannot make a difference, but this is not true. Programs to reduce the environmental footprint of employees commuting to work are becoming increasingly common with successful results.

Encouraging bike and walking commutes (with this being part of the criteria for the Green Employee of the Month scheme) and investing in bike storage, showers and electric charging points will increase the number of employees who commute using these methods. Some other schemes that could be put in place include:

  • Employees working from home where suitable and possible.
  • If employees have a company car, then making the change to electric cars where possible. Also fitting electric car charging points will encourage employees to invest in electric cars.
  • Carpooling can have significant environmental and social benefits – it reduces pollution and traffic congestion whilst building relationships and saving money. Setting up Facebook groups, or similar, for employees to use regarding carsharing is an easy way to increase this method of transport.
  • Company and employee incentives to buy EVs and bikes at reduced prices. The UK Government have launched a Cycle to Work scheme promoting an alternative way to travel to work which provides employees with the opportunity to get a new bike and accessories tax free.
  • A short tracking survey could be produced to identify the number of people taking advantage of sustainable commuting options and the nature of their participation (example found here).