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30 Steps to Another Way Business: Finance & Admin

Step 26: Banking and investments

Try to find ethical bankers. We appreciate that transparency in the financial sector is difficult to find but it is worth having a think about why this is – if your bank is only investing in sustainable and ethical practises, why would they not allow you to know about it?

  • Unethical banks – Some of the most popular, well-known banks are unethical and unsustainable e.g., Barclays (world’s fifth biggest funder of fossil fuels); HSBC (world’s thirteenth biggest funder of fossil fuels); RBS (world’s thirty third biggest funder of fossil fuels).
  • Unethical investments – Many banks use your money to invest in unethical, carbon-pumping companies – take your business elsewhere and do not place trust in those that invest in fossil fuels or other unsustainable practices e.g., deforestation.
  • Support a brighter future – When finding somewhere to invest in, look at becoming a donor to an NGO working towards conservation and/or environmental sustainability – don’t just avoid investing in blatantly unsustainable companies, make the effort to specifically invest in those that support a brighter future for our planet.