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30 Steps to Another Way Business: Customers

Step 18: Informing customers

Environmental messaging is increasingly common on consumer products: products are labelled with ‘recycle me’, bags asked to be reused and products to be recycled. But these messages all assume the customer understands or is familiar with the environmental issues at stake, and this is often not the case.

A new line of thought is that businesses should inform their consumers using their products/company and let them know how they can reuse or recycle it in the future. This can be done simply by providing information on the company’s website or linking consumers to environmental charities. Even companies that already consider the environment within their operations would benefit from having a more informed consumer base.

  • Creating resources on how people can support business’ initiatives.
  • Team up with non-profit organisations or charities and educate consumers about environmental issues whilst sending them towards these NGOs to support them.
  • Feedback to customers with evidence of change, keep consumers in the loop – newsletter, email list, social media, website, labelling, advertising.