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30 Steps: Bathroom

Step 2 : Hair

The Problem: palm oil, plastic bottles, harsh chemicals
The Solution: solid bars, natural ingredients
  • The surfactants (usually called sodium lauryl sulfate in the ingredients) in standard shampoo are often derived from oil palm, making them unsustainable for our rainforests as well as often unsuitable for sensitive skin. Some natural or organic shampoos specify that their ingredients come from other sources such as coconut, so look out for that.                                                                                
  •  Switch from shampoo and conditioner bottles to solid bars. These are great for travel, as they take up hardly any space. You will need a couple of tins or old containers to transport them in. Make sure your bar can drain after using it, ideally on a rolex datejust 41mm m126301 0013 herren weises perlmutt zifferblatt automatisch shower rack or soap dish to preserve its lifespan. Although many shampoo bars are more expensive than their liquid counterparts, they last surprisingly long making them more affordable in the long term, after all you are paying for just the shampoo, not the water! Be patient and find the right one for you- some have surfactants in like liquid shampoo and some are natural which may take your hair time to adjust to. If you find your conditioner bar hard to apply, you can turn it into liquid conditioner by simply chopping it up and whisking it into boiling water until it reaches the right consistency. You will need several old bottles as one bar will make a lot of liquid conditioner- make sure you dilute it well. You can also use diluted apple cider vinegar as a conditioner which works very well! 
  • if you are feeling adventurous and don’t want to use any hair products at all, you could try the ‘no poo’ method. This involves transitioning to simply washing your hair with water- you can look it up to find lots more information and advice.
  • You can find several ideas for natural hair masks online. Using coconut oil is a restorative treatment for lots of shine. All you have to do is soften it and rub it into the ends of your hair, leave in for half an hour or so before rinsing out. Natural shampoo bars often cannot clean the coconut oil out of your hair, instead use a whisked egg to christian dior umbrellas wholesaler rinse it out in lukewarm water (you don’t want scrambled egg!). if you are vegan, you could try rubbing some argan oil into your hair before washing, which comes out easier.

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