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30 Steps to Another Way Business: Products & Services

Step 20: Quality of products / services

Invest in using longer lasting/ more durable materials e.g., instead of using a thin layer of material that is flimsy and more susceptible to breakages, use a thicker layer that increases the quality of your product; this can be reflected in an increased price.

  • Use materials from quality sources – research the company you are intending to purchase materials from before you do so: investigate how/ where these materials are already being used; see if you can find any examples of the longevity of the materials; look at the materials in person before investing in them to check their quality for yourself and ensure it is up to the standard you desire. Increased longevity of product can also be reflected in the price.
  • Customer charter (state what you intend to deliver).
  • Make product description as clear as possible to avoid unnecessary returns – if you advertise and sell your products through a website where customers are unable to view the product in person before purchasing, ensure to add as much detail as possible to the item description. For example, include exact details of the materials that have been used in the creation of the product, a sufficient number of images of the item to appropriately convey what the item looks like and a video of the item in use.