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Climate Action Workshop

May 23rd, 2024

Amy led a great workshop on climate action at Queen Elizabeth School in Cumbria this month, with 50 students attending. Starting with some questions to gauge their emotions and agency on climate change, she inspired them with a talk about climate solutions, before getting on to an activity which mapped out the actions that different levels of society can take.

To finish the workshop, the students designed their own campaign using Power of 10 resources. Some of the ideas were to promote cycling to school, to give an assembly in a local primary school and to raise awareness of single-use plastic within their school.

The students say it better than us, so here is what some said!

‘It helped to bring attention to what actions we can do to make a difference as well as being engaging. It also made me consider what skills I have that I can use.’

‘It made me feel empowered to help, to change my habits to try and help the planet. I found learning about the phytoplankton really interesting. Having a more active role in the fight against climate change has always seemed like a distant prospect but this has helped me realise I can make a difference.’

‘The interactive session was really good, not just understanding more of the severity of climate change but boosted me on what I can do to help, as I didn’t know lots of the solutions mentioned today and it made me understand my power to help. It made me feel involved.’

If you know a school or university that would benefit from one of our workshops, get in touch!