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Learn, help and inspire others. On this website you will find:

AWA resourcesassembly talks, lesson plans, event ideas and lots more! 

AWA forum; our community for sharing ideas

As a Student Ambassador you agree to abide by our values by being:

  • PASSIONATE and INSPIRING about our environment
  • INCLUSIVE to everyone
  • A UNITING FORCE bringing communities and organisations together

Register as a Teacher

And get access to all the resources and forums your Student Ambassadors have access to along with a private forum for sharing ideas with other teachers


Another Way is providing ideas and suggestions in this website and not recommending specific action. That is the responsibility of the individual who must ensure their teachers approve of any actions that they undertake.

If you are a primary school student without an email, please ask your teacher if school can provide one, or ask your parents if you can use their email address
We will use the data you provide for identifying you on posts and to notify you of Another Way events. We will not share your data with anyone else.


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